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Rose Ring

Show your love with the Pokitme Rose Ring! This ring is both luxurious, subtle, and is the perfect compliment that adds a lavish touch to your amazing gifts. This ring is made from copper alloy, for slight malleability, making it easy to resize if needed. It's a handcrafted metal rose fit for everyone and supported with a cute gold plated ring that makes it the ideal accessory for any stylish and minimal outfit. 

- Ring can also be plated with Sterling Silver, or Rose Gold

With a gentle touch of important sentimentality attached to everyday, casual modern style, this is the perfect option for you to share you love of the finer things but still do it on a budget and in your own way.

Here at Pokitme, our goal is to offer our customers the newesthigh quality, and unique products from all around the world. Hundreds of hours are spent each week researching and creating the perfect products for our customers. And now, we are pleased to present to you, these Pokitme Rose Ring!


- Sterling Silver
- Rose Gold
- Gold