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24K Gold Dipped Rose

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Born out of luxurious European craftsmanship, a real rose is frozen in time as a tribute to love & fine jewelry.

Preserved to last forever, this rose will never fade or wither. A perfect unique gift to signify eternal love.

  • Lined with precious 24 karat gold including the stem of the rose.
  • 100% real petals, leaves, sepals, thorns and stem of each rose are all preserved in an extensive 80 days process.
  • Each rose is approximately 30cm (11.8 inches) long.
  • As each rose is completely unique, the rose you receive will look different from the ones in our photos.
  • Each rose comes with acrylic stand.


  • The veins of the rose petals and leaves are visible through the corrosion-resistant hard shell.
  • Superior craftsmanship honed by years of crafting fine jewelry.
  • Only the best looking roses are selected to be preserved by our professional staff. The perfect rose depends on the best weather, soil, irrigation and care.

As only limited number of roses are available for each release, we advise customers to order early to avoid disappointment. Each rose comes with an exclusive stainless steel certificate of authenticity.


All orders will include the box and a Clear Rose Stand.